Ballast Point Park

IMG_5799.JPGLocated a the Balmain peninsula this fascinating park has had a varied history.

The site was variously:
A sandstone quarry in the 1850s supplying ballast to the nearby shipyards at Balmain and Birchgrove;
1864-1928 – the location of the two storey marine villa, Menevia, home of Thomas Perkins and his family; and later a boarding house from 1893 to 1915.
From 1928, the first seaboard terminal for the Texas Company (Australia) Limited, later Caltex. Used as a fuel storage and major oil distribution point for Sydney. Caltex phased out its operations in the 1990’s.
Public land from 2002. Clearing of the infrastructure of tanks.

In 2009 it was opened to the public after a significant transformation from a contaminated industrial site to a beautiful public space right on the harbour.


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