Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve

We get to visit the beautiful Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve in both our Essential Sydney Private Tour and our North Shore & Beaches Private Tour. 

This reserve is a Sydney treasure, as it contains more than 160 species of fish and includes sandy beaches (Shelly beach), rocky reefs, seagrass beds, and open water. It also has a very good cafe/restaurant at Shelly Beach called The Boathouse.

There is a fantastic promenade walk from Manly beach to Shelly Beach which takes approx 15-20 minutes but you will not regret it.

This location is one of my personal favourites in Sydney and is not to be missed.


The Basin

The Basin is one of the most popular camping spots in Sydney. As part of our North Shore & Northern Beaches Private Tour we take a ferry journey out from Palm beach to visit some of these beautiful little beaches and camping grounds.

Long Reef Aquatic Reserve

Long Reef Aquatic Reserve, on Sydney’s northern beaches is a unique environment due to its geology and exposure to all four points of the compass.

There are many submerged shipwrecks off Long Reef Reserve, some due to accidents and others where vessels have been sunk to create artificial reefs.

Amongst the many marine animals and plants, migratory birds travel tens of thousands of kilometres from Siberia and Japan to spend time at Long Reef. It must be good!!img_6255

Balmoral Beach

One of my personal favourites Balmoral Beach is situated on the lower north shore and facing directly out to “the heads” this beach is surrounded by some of Sydney’s grandest homes. Walking along the beach promenade or sitting and watching the parade of families and their dogs is a lovely way to spend a hour.

A beautiful and safe beach for swimming.

Balmoral is included in our “Essential Sydney” and “Harbour and Beaches” private tours. 

Palm Beach

On our North Shore & Northern beaches Private Tour Palm Beach is our ultimate destination. Located at the northernmost tip of the northern beaches peninsula “Palmy” as it is known locally is a paradise.

It is home to the rich and famous and home to the local TV Soap “Home and Away. There are some beautiful little ferry trips you can take from Palm beach. Out on the Pittwater to some fantastic camping beaches and across to the Central Coast.

Shelly Beach

This little beach, a short walk from the southern end of the world famous ” Manly beach” is a personal Sydney favourite.

Its takes only 20 minutes to walk along the coastal path through Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve past a lovely little cafe along the way at Fairy Bower and then on to Shelly Beach. Keep your eye out for the Eastern Water Dragons sunning themselves along the path.

There is a fantastic cafe/restaurant (“The Boathouse”) at Shelly Beach.

This is one of Sydney’s real local gems and not to be missed. A visit to Shelly Beach is included in our Essential Sydney and Harbour & Beaches Tours.IMG_2975

Camp Cove


This beautiful beach just inside South Head at Watson’s Bay is a real Sydney gem and a very historically important place.

In 1788 when the first fleet first arrived in Sydney Harbour this was the place that Capt. Arthur Phillip dropped anchor for the first time in Port Jackson.

Catch a ferry from Circular Quay or take a tour with us and we will be sure to include a visit and swim.