There are many things we love about Sydney and we have shared some of our “not to be missed” on this page. You may not be able to see or do all in a single trip and there are many other experiences that we could include in the list, but we highly recommend that you include some of these in your touring because these are the things that make Sydney”the planet’s most beautiful city”.

 The Big 3 – The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach are the big 3 and there is more to them than initially meets the eye.

Coastal walks  –  Sydney is a harbour city but it is also situated on a spectacular coast line with many beaches, soaring cliffs and views to die for.”

Sydney Harbour –  “Officially called Port Jackson it is recognised as one of the most beautiful natural harbours of the world covering 55 km2. It has many secrets around its perimeter that only the locals know about.

Parks & Gardens – Sydney has a sub-tropical climate therefore it plays host to many plant and trees species that flourish in our parks and gardens.

Sydney Fortifications – Founded by naval officers (the first 5 Governors were Naval officers) Sydney has a very strong naval history and the harbour is lined with hidden defence fortifications and naval bases that are still operational today. But you have to know where to find them.


National Parks – Sydney is surrounded by National Parks that are spectacular in their scale and diversity.

Public Art – Sydney is decorated with many statues, sculptures and street art. Each year in October is hosts the spectacular “Sculptures by the Sea” a free public sculpture exhibition situated on our spectacular coastline. Not to be missed.

Neighbourhoods – With a diverse ethnic population Sydney hosts some interesting streets and suburbs that make the city a a great place to live.


Food and Wine – Sydney offers some of the worlds most innovative and diverse restaurants and cafes taking advantage of the freshness of local produce and the skills of many international chefs.


Go for a swim – Swimming, surfing and sunning is a local obsession for many Sydneysiders and we are spoilt for choice. Take a surf or a dip in the ocean (if you are game) or swim in the safety of many ocean pools and public swimming pools.

Take a boat on the harbour – One of the great ways to see Sydney is to get on a boat on the harbour.

Meeting the locals – Australia is blessed with some of the worlds most unique wildlife. Get up close and personal with some of our furry friends or maybe some others.


Historic Buildings & Homes- Sydney is often called the sandstone city because much of its early buildings are constructed in it.

Shopping – Sydney hosts numerous shopping zones that are unique to the city. Do not miss the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and The Strand both off George Street in the city.