We have carefully curated 5 full day guided tours of Sydney and the Blue Mountains that showcase the geography, history, culture, lifestyle and the absolute beauty of this city and it’s surrounding areas.

Each private tour is carefully designed to feature Sydney at its best, and provide you with an authentic Sydney experience.Click on the tour to see more detail on the fantastic experiences in each tour.

Tour 1. Essential Sydney

This is a very popular tour particularly for anyone who has not been to Sydney before, as we provide a good general overview of Sydney.

You can take either a 4 hour or 8 hour tour depending on your time constraints.

Tour 2. North Shore & Beaches

Ask a “Sydneysider” what they love about Sydney it will be its harbour and beaches. In this tour we go North and keep going north to Palm Beach as we showcase Sydney’s best – not to be missed.

Tour 3. Neighbourhoods 

Sydney is a culturally and ethnically very diverse city. On this tour we explore some of the unique villages within the city limits and beyond the beauty of the harbour and beaches.

Tour 4. Blue Mountains & Featherdale

must see when in Sydney, we travel to these very unique and popular attractions.

Tour 5. Grand Pacific Drive (incl: Royal National Park)

We travel South for about 90 minutes to visit the worlds first national park. A stunning tour that showcases the natural beauty of the bush featuring its wide variety of its flora and fauna. We then explore some of the attractions of the South including Woollongong and the Southern Highlands.

Tour 6. Shore Excursions

As we are a Private Tour company we are very flexible in changing our itinerary to suit your time schedules and interests. Each tour can be a broad framework as a starting point or it can be the schedule with stay with. It is up to you.